Ascent Cycling Staff


Clay_owner_use_flatAbout Clay Allison, owner and partner

Look, here’s the thing: Clay Allison is one of my closest friends here in Colorado Springs; I just had to get to know him first. He’s a guy who likes to know what you’re about, what kind of things make you tick, and he warms up to you when he finds those things out. Maybe that’s why we get along so famously: I’m the same way. Make no mistake, he’s a big reason for why Ascent Cycling has continued to grow throughout the years. He’s a heck of a wrench and takes pride in his work. He’s got a creative, artistic mind- you’ve seen his work on the Ascent Cycling kits as well as the design of this website. He likes a good beer now and again, makes a mean mojito, and loves the musical stylings of Collective Soul and U2. But the best piece of advice I can give regarding Mr. Clay Allison? If you invite him on a ride (which you should) and you don’t want your legs -figuratively- torn off (which you shouldn’t), do NOT let the man lead!


About Patrick Cross, owner and partner

Some say that his energy output is directly proportional to the amount of ice cream he has recently consumed. Or that he once entered a Jason Statham lookalike contest against Jason Statham and won. All we know is that he’s our Patrick Cross! Pat is more stoked on you riding your bike than you are. It’s just a fact. That stoke has been evident to me since the first time I stumbled through the Ascent Cycling doorway, lo those many years ago. He greeted me with a smile that was way more of a “Welcome to my world, friend!” than a “Heh, heh, let’s see how many shekels I can skim off this guy,” and that friendly countenance has never wavered. P.C. is the guy you want in your corner, and not just because he once did an entire cross-country race on a DH bike (possibly false, it may have only been one lap). He’s an awesome mechanic, great riding partner/coach, and absolutely fantastic with kids and new riders. Trust me on this one: his enthusiasm is infectious!