Giving Thanks ‘Cause it’s Awesome!

Thankful for the Ride

Scotty Mac

Hello, all!  Happy Thanksgiving (in advance)!  I hope you’re spending it in
the best way possible: with family, eating a ton of food, football on the T.V.,
and a tryptophan-induced, trip-to-afternoon-dreamland.  I know that’s where I’ll be.

In years past, the boys and girls of the Ascent Cycling family have gotten together on the day after Thanksgiving, known commercially as “Black Friday,” to throw our legs over our bikes and burn off the previous day’s gluttony on the trails.  The Black Friday ride is as much about spending time with great friends as it is about getting in a much-needed workout.  I’d say it’s a way to give thanks that we have the ability to enjoy such an amazing sport, and share our happiness with others.

That sounds sappy enough that I’m sure you guys are thinking something along the lines of “Mac’s just setting us up and then out of the blue, wham-O! hilarious joke to lighten the mood!”  Sorry to disappoint.  No punch line here, folks, just my thoughts on what this day means.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fellowship, and you really ought to if you can, because Thanksgiving brings out the good vibes towards our fellow Man.  By all means, give thanks that you are happy and healthy and that your loved ones are too.  But take a minute to think of those less fortunate, for whom Thanksgiving is just another Thursday.  I don’t want you to feel guilty about enjoying Thanksgiving while others can’t, that’s not what this is about.  I just want you to consider what you can do to make things more enjoyable for those
who lack.

Ascent Cycling is doing a food drive, with each can of food you bring into the shop
through November 23rd resulting in a 1% discount off your next purchase, up to
15% off a new bike, or 20% off anything else.  A few bucks out of your pocket for a few hundo off a bike purchase or a whole truckload of swag?  Sounds like
“give a little, get a lot” to me.

I hope you all consider kicking in on this one.  When you hit up the store for dinner next Thursday, see if a couple extra cans of food make it into your shopping cart.  You’ll barely notice the extra heft in the shopping receipt, and it’ll turn some frowns upside down.

As riders, we’ve a great deal to be thankful for. Participating in this cause will make the thanks you give that much sweeter.

Mac out.


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