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Sometimes, you don’t need to charge at top speed. You don’t need to hurl yourself down that sinewy ribbon of tarmac or hammer that perfectly bermed piece of singletrack. No, what you need on those days is a bike built for cruising. Examples abound. You’re meeting up with your friends at your local brewery five minutes from your front door. You want to try out that new gastropub downtown, but don’t want to deal with finding a parking spot for your car. Your parents are in town, and you want to take them on a pedal through the urban pathways linking your subdivision to the park a few miles away.


That’s where the Electra Bicycle Company comes to play.


Whether you want to go for a Sunday pedal under your own power or get a pleasant assist from an electric helper, Electra makes an upright, comfortable cruiser bike for you. You can kit the mount with racks and fenders aplenty to get that growler of IPA or Dutch bakery apple pie home in one piece, and unspoiled by road grime. Electra is not just for adults, either: kids can take advantage with an extensive, munchkin-sized lineup. Get back to the time when riding wasn’t about setting personal records but was about laughing for the sake of laughing, and developing a fantastic memory, or two, or ten. Ascent Cycling and Electra Bike Company will help you make that happen.


As a cyclist, you’re someone who lives for adventure. Traveling down new paths and seeing new sights is what you love to do most. You’re always looking for the next big thing, the road less traveled.


Experience the excitement of owning a bicycle as innovative as you are with an Electra Bike. Engineered to be faster, smoother, and more comfortable than any other bike on the market, Electra Bikes set a new standard in the world of modern cycling.


Supercharge Your Cycling Experience with an Electra Bike or E-Bike

Cruise confidently through the city, commute to work in record time, and conquer uphill rides with ease with an Electra Bike or Go! E-Bike. Electra’s patented revolutionary Flat Foot Technology® uses a unique frame shape and adjusted seat angle to improve your comfort and control when riding. With an Electra bike, any journey is possible, no matter the difficulty or distance.


Be Different. Be You. Enhance Your Lifestyle with an Electra Bike.


Personalize your cycling experience with a bicycle or e-bike that’s specially created with your needs and personality in mind. Electra offers six different bike collections and three different e-bike collections, making it easy for cyclists to find the perfect bicycle depending on the style of riding and activities they enjoy. Numerous colors, accessories, and add-ons give you the ability to fully customize your bike and create a look you love.


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