Intense Cycles

Do you know what’s cool about Intense Cycles? Everything. Everything is cool about Intense Cycles and has been from the jump. Ever since Intense burst on the scene with the M1 DH bike, they’ve been completely focused on being at the absolute pinnacle of the mountain biking world. They’ve never settled for second place in terms of quality or aesthetics, because who said form always had to follow function? Why can’t they move down the trail, hand in hand? The guys out in Southern California have been dialing in their Virtual Pivot Point rear suspension on the bikes they design for nearly 15 years, and it shows. Their frames are incredible-performing works of art, and their build kits hit every enthusiast price point a guy or gal could ask for. From a trail bike on which you’d feel right at home racing XC, to a DH rig ready to go as big and fast as you dare, this company has you covered. If you take only one thing from my riff, take this thing, and take it to the bank: Riding an Intense will never go out of style.