Kona Bikes

I don’t know about you lot, but my post-apocalypse kit will almost definitely include a Kona. Why? Because they always work, whether there’s a load of zombies chasing you or you get called up for a last-minute adventure. It’s obvious that Kona takes pride in its bikes, and have looked for unique ways to appeal to an ever-increasing audience. Known for ages as the go-to marque for nuclear blast-proof (I know, I’m still on about the apocalypse, I’m sorry) mountain bikes, their range hits road and gravel hard now, as well. Want an electric-powered wonder steed? Kona gotchu covered. Want a carbon fiber, go-fast marathon rig? Yup, they got that too. Long-haul bike tourer? Check. Between-the-tapes downhill slayer? Boom. They will never stop being about fun, the good folks of Kona. And really, who couldn’t use a little more fun in their lives these days?