Rocky Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain Bicycles has been in the mountain bike game for quite some time. 33 years, to be exact, and certainly long enough to know a thing or three about our favorite pastime. The boys and girls who make up the Canadian company have dedicated themselves to building bikes to handle it all: cross country, enduro, downhill, you name it, these guys do it. They “Love the Ride.” And why wouldn’t they? Rocky Mountian Bike has access to some world-class testing grounds in the form of Vancouver, British Columbia’s famed North Shore. The terrain there is dense, loamy, rocky, rooted, and steep. Basically, a flavor for every rider. And with those conditions at their beck-and-call, you can be sure that the bikes Rocky forge are ready, willing, and able to meet whatever challenge you have set your mind to. Rocky’s mountain bike-centric approach mirrors our own here at Ascent Cycling: let’s get out and ride Dirt! Believe us when we tell you that the stoke is Strong with Rocky Mountain.