Test Shed

The Details:

You don’t want to buy your bike based solely on a parking lot bouncy-bounce, and guess what? We don’t want you to, either.

Ascent Cycling understands the complex world of bicycles and the variables that go into making the buying decision. That is why we have Southern Colorado’s largest demo fleet. We have the best brands represented in it for you to make an educated decision.

Having a large fleet means paying extra attention to the quality we provide for each demo experience. Our bikes are not “rental bikes” like some others. We keep these bikes in top running shape and do all the regular needed services on schedule as per the manufacturer. That said, if you are dropping into Colorado Springs from out of town, we can definitely give you a point-out on where to snag a solid rental for the duration of your trip.

So go give’r on your favorite trail network and feel how your demo bike rides. Your bike buying experience will be that much smoother and more amazing as a result!

The Costs:

Our “Test Shed” program is set up to give you, the rider, the best possible information on a bike’s suitability for your riding style. We want you to really understand the bikes you demo and how they will perform for you in the world in which you ride. That is why we give you a 48 hour period to get to know the bike. Your demo fees are credited towards the purchase of your new bike, up to a maximum of $800.00.

Each demo is $200.00 at the beginning of the trial period, with a noon pick-up on day one, and noon drop-off 48 hours later. So, for example, pick your bike up at 12 on Monday, and drop it off at our store by 12 on Wednesday. If you have to cancel your demo time, you’ll need to let us know 48 hours out.

If you would like to get on one of our TestShed bikes, please call our staff at 719-597-8181 and we can get you rocking and rolling.

The Bikes:

XC Trail:

Trek Fuel EX 9.7 (130 mm) 29 inch wheel

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt C50 (130 mm) 27.5 inch wheel

Pivot Trail 429 (120 mm) 29 inch wheel

Intense Sniper Trail (120 mm) 29 inch wheel


Trek Remedy 9.7 (150 mm) 27.5 inch wheel

Rocky Mountain Instinct C50 (140 mm) 29 inch wheel


Trek Slash 8 (160 mm) 29 inch wheel